May 29, 2021

Closing My Little Backyard Nursery


I've had my little backyard nursery for so many years I actually can't remember when I first opened it. I have made some new friends and connected with old ones via this little business. 

COVID has had nothing to do with my decision to shut down the retail side of Mimi's Greenhouse. I had to put my 96-year-old mother into a nursing home this spring. Her brain is sharper than mine  - that's actually not saying too much- 😀 but she has neuropathy and macular degeneration and I could no longer give her the care she needs. Also, I am getting too old to drag 2-gallon pots of shrubs around the backyard, and besides, I'd like to enjoy my yard again!  

I think I will continue to sell rooted cutting on a couple of websites I belong to. I'll keep some stock plants and of course, the greenhouse. It's a great place to winter over tropicals and other plants I don't want to keep in the house. 

Maybe Bill and I will have time to travel if we can find a place to stay that will let us have our 110 lb. Lab/chow mix dog, JoJo. He is 13 years old and thinks he is a house dog. That would be O.K. except he sheds profusely all year! I should learn to spin yarn from dog hair!  

I'll still write gardening tips here. Like most gardeners, I am always learning something new. That's one of the things I like about playing in the plants, there is always a new surprise. 

Stay tuned....

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