August 25, 2020

My Ruby Slippers Hydrangea

 I think the pictures say it better than any text I could print. Ruby Slippers is a miniature Oak Leaf Hydrangea. Even miniature varieties are not tiny, my Ruby Slippers is planted in a huge tub. The plant is about six or seven years old and is probably 4 feet tall by 3 feet wide. The blooms are large and full every spring. They start out lime green, turn white and fade to deep pink. Finally, at summers end they are beige but still attractive.  Sometimes I pick them when they have first bloomed and they last for weeks in a vase. 

Baby plants come up from the roots around the plant and can be replanted elsewhere. These are not invasive, only one or two a year will sprout.  They are easy to root via cuttings. 

My Ruby Slippers gets morning sun and shade in the afternoon. I honestly think it would be fine in full sun. Butterflies love it too! 

Hydrangeas are easy to propagate. My plant propagation book (available on Amazon) has complete instructions. See the link on the right sidebar. 

I often have Ruby Slippers plants for sale at Mimi's Greenhouse in the spring. 

Ruby Slippers Mature Bloom

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