March 16, 2020

Spring Is Here!

Not only am I sick and tired of gloomy wet weather but now I'm "sheltering in place" to keep my old bones from getting sick! I pray all of you will get through this coronavirus scare as healthy you were when it started. If it will ever stop raining, Grandson Tad and I are going to rake up all the leaves we didn't get around to in the fall. 😏

With that in mind, Let's think happy thoughts of sunny weather, spring flowers and packets of seeds to plant.

Wren's Nest
My spring flowers are popping up all over the place - some in places they were not growing last year. Birds are busy building nests ... Miss Wren has a big messy nest in the corner of our porch roof.  Below are a few pictures of what's blooming and some links to other "spring" posts.

Next week I'll talk about what's happening in the greenhouse right now.

Sweet William
Two-tone Daffodil

Garden Path
Coral Bells
Hen Bit
                                                       Bi-Color Spirea Buds

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