February 14, 2020

My Cure for the Winter Doldrums...

I am one of those people who get the blues when the weather is dreary. S.A.D. Syndrome visits me nearly every winter in spite of the florescent lights and big windows. I have the best cure for it...my greenhouse!

The following are a few pictures I took last week when I went out there to clean up and plant a few seeds. I wanted some early lettuce and a tomato or two.

Bear in mind that my greenhouse is small. It's 8 X 18 feet but that's just about all that would fit in our backyard since we have a big art studio that takes up quite a bit of the space back there. I bought it from Morton's Horticultural in McMinnville, TN. They delivered it and set it up as part of the purchase price. Here is a link to an old blog post about that here: My Greenhouse Adventure.

Anyway, last week the little sunny greenhouse was just what I needed to lift the winter doldrums and remind me that spring will be here before we know it.
Inside the greenhouse

 As you can see the Christmas and Easter Cactus, as well as other hanging baskets, are happy and in the next picture a mixed pot that otherwise would have succumbed to the frost by now. I'll refresh it a little in the spring and pop it back into the yard.

Meyer Lemon Tree

Myer Lemons are the best! I have this wonderful little Lemon tree that produces at least two crops of the biggest and juiciest lemons ever! I've already harvested the Christmas crop and as you can see, it's blooming again. I have to use an artist's paintbrush to pollinate it because I really don't want bees in the greenhouse..LOL! 

 I can never bring myself to toss the poinsettias. So the greenhouse is a good place until they totally lose all the red leaves. I usually compost them in late spring...it's less painful when all those leaves turn green. 

Sweet Bay Tree and babies

I have had this Sweet Bay tree for many years. It was in a tiny pot when I first got it. I keep it pruned to fit into this big storage tub that has drain holes drilled into the bottom. All these plants are moved outside after the danger of frost is over. I use the Bay leaves all year in many of our favorite dishes. Salmon steaks are wonderful if they are grilled on a bed of whole Bay leaves. Last year I pruned the tree and had so many branches that I gave them to my local fresh market..she passed them along for free to her customers. We made a lot of folks happy! :-) As you can see from the babies in the small pots, Bay trees are easy to root.

So if you have space and can afford a greenhouse, I highly recommend having one. If not, plan a visit to a local greenhouse and get an early spring fix! 

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