February 3, 2020

A Jesus Quandary

Image result for free church  clipartWell, maybe I should call it a church quandary.  I need your help! This definitely has nothing to do with gardening.

My whole life has been a series of religious changes (for lack of a better word). My mama talked to me about Jesus from the day I was born. I accepted Him as my Savior at the age of eight. I remember after I told Mama I wanted to be baptized, she took me to talk to our preacher. He explained to me about being saved and baptized and joining the church. I came home with Jesus and a kitten. The pastor's cat had babies and I took a beautiful black and white fluffy kitten home with me. 😀

That began my journey. I have been on and off the path for years. I was a rather rebellious teen. Probably because mama was so fearful of what I might get into so I had more restrictions than most of my friends. I broke most of the rules! One day I'm going to paint the picture that I see in my mind when I think of those years. It's me about to jump off a very high cliff and Jesus is standing behind me, holding onto my hand and keeping me from falling.  No telling what I would have gotten into if I had not had a solid Biblical background.

I have been Southern Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Charismatic and back to Baptist again. My Christian life has always been a series of changes. My life, in general, has always included physical change. I have lived in 3 states, moved ten times, and gone to no telling how many different churches. We won't even talk about marriage!

We have been out of church for a few months. Bill had surgery and serious health issues and we were not able to attend church for quite a while last fall and this winter. We got pretty interested in TV preachers. Our favorite is Allen Jackson at World Outreach  Church. We attended a local non-denominational church nearby before Bill had surgery.  I really liked it...Bill is noncommittal.

I don't know what to do. He sleeps through our old church, He stays awake at the church I'd like to join. Again, a spiritual change for me. I'm used to it but I married a man who hates change. I have dragged Bill kicking and screaming into many new adventures. He has always been happy once we reach our destination or have gotten settled into a new routine.

My oldest son and his girlfriend have just joined the church I would like to attend full time. This is so good ... Josh had been out of church for a while and they really like the preacher and people where we too have visited quite a bit. I think we could talk Zack (my younger son) into coming too. I am ready for this change but I'm not so sure about Bill.

I need your comments - advice...What should I do? Stay home and watch TV preachers, go back to our old church and watch Bill sleep through the sermons or follow my heart and drag Bill along with me???

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