October 18, 2019

My Heirloom Plants

These are plants that I have gotten over the years from friends, relatives or moved them with me when I have moved from place to place. Some are even invasive - I don't care, I love them anyway and deal with them as needed. By that I mean I dig them as they get too big or spread too far and destroy the excess.

Here are my favorites starting with the house plants. I take most of these outside in the summer and bring them into the house or greenhouse to winterover. I have no idea where I got my start of the Wandering Jew. I've had them as long as I can remember. I have both a "fuzzy" Jew and Purple Queen. They are both in the same plant family.

Fuzzy Wandering Jew 
Purple Queen
African Violet from my friend Cyndi

The violet stays inside... the sun is too much for them outside.  I have several Violets that have come from friends and relatives.

This Tiger Lily came from my Great Grandmother's farm. I have had it for many years and have moved it with me several times. These bloom and multiply happily every year.

Oxlysis from my mother's garden
My Jade Plant is huge and over 25 years old
Its start came from my dad's accountant years ago. 
Heirlooms are usually more likely to survive than many of our fickle "Hybreds"  that we get in the big box stores.

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