September 13, 2019

Monarch Butterflies Are Back!

I saw the first Monarch Butterfly I have seen in my yard in years! It was on my butterfly bush. I thought they were extinct. My friend said she had seen them in her yard too. Maybe the word is getting out about those nasty chemicals like Roundup and folks are not using as many as they used to.

I planted milkweed seeds today. I have a few here already but I want lots to attract more butterflies. The monarch lays its eggs exclusively on Milkweed plants.

I'm ashamed to tell this next story but maybe it will stop someone else from doing what I did. A long time ago when Monarchs were plentiful, I had a huge field of milkweed plants in full bloom next to my house. I went out there one-day and big black and yellow caterpillars were eating my milkweed. I was so upset that they were ruining my beautiful flowers! I squashed a ton of them! Later I learned they were monarch caterpillars! I was so sad. I think God may have forgiven me now because I have Monarchs again.

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