May 10, 2019

Plant Propagation Advice

One of my Mimi's Greenhouse customers asked me a question about propagating a flowering shrub that she had in her yard. I told her I had written a book about Plant Propagation. It had much more information than I was able to give her in a text message.

That reminded me that I probably haven't written about that little book here either. It is the time to reproduce many of the plants you may have growing in your yard too. 

Step By Step Guide To Plant Propagation Revised Edition is available on Amazon or from me at Mimi's Greenhouse when I am open for plant sales. I sell them here for a little less than Amazon (my price is $10.50)  if you live near White House and might be interested in a few flowers or shrubs too.

Here is what the Amazon description says about the book: "In this little book you will find tips and tricks for rooting cuttings and ways with seeds plus other methods to multiply your plant collection. You will read how to root almost any plant with mist. There is even a section on money saving ideas and repurposing things you may have otherwise tossed into the trash."

See my "Books" tab here too for more info. 

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