March 15, 2019

My Beautiful Hellebore

One of the earliest spring flowers to bloom are Hellebore. Mine have been blooming for a week or so now. I bought mine from David Culp. David is a renowned horticulturist from the northeast United States. I wrote a post about his wonderful gardening book a few years ago.

I post about my Hellebores nearly every spring. They are so exotic and beautiful. They bloom just when I am about to go stir crazy from the bleak cloudy days of winter. I will have some babies from mine for sale this spring at Mimi's Greenhouse. They are seedlings from the ones in my garden. You never know for sure just what color the flowers will be. Sometimes they will be totally different from the parent plant.

Today was cloudy and rain was in the forecast. I took a walk down the garden path to see the blooms. The Hellebores have been in bloom for a couple of weeks now. I had my cell phone and could not resist making this video. Enjoy!

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