January 18, 2019

Are the Deer Eating Your Plants?

January is when we start seeing deer boldly munching on everything in sight -especially if it snows. Thank God it has been an exceptionally warm winter here in Tennessee...so far. I will be amazed if it stays this way for very long.

I don't have near the issues with deer that I had when I first lived here. I was traveling a lot with my job back then and I would come home to find my Hostas eaten to the ground! I put up a chain link fence around the back yard and a privacy fence on the front side with gates at the front of the house. The deer still graze occasionally in the front yard but I planted Deer Resistant plants out there.

I found the following article on the website of one of my favorite wholesale suppliers, Mary's Greenhouse. I thought I'd share it here. Often we can get rid of the deer by planting landscape plants that they don't like. Mary's had a list of deer resistant plants. You will find it here:
Here's  the link: Deer Resistant Plants

Here is a link to my post about Mary's Greenhouse:


If all that fails, get a big dog! JoJo won't let a deer near our yard! He is watching out the front window on one of the rare days that he is let into the house. JoJo has claimed the loveseat as his! 

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