September 21, 2018

My Little Pond

Honestly, it's almost too small to be a pond. I call it my little puddle. We had a big pond when I lived in the country so when Bill and I moved into my city house, I wanted another pond. We hired a backhoe to dig the big country pond but I only wanted a little pond this time. Bill and I thought for sure we could dig one. Well, we did, but it nearly killed us both! After digging for a couple of days in pure red clay, we decided that the pond was just the right size. ­čśů We put a vinyl liner in the hole. We had also made earthen shelves to hold pots of flowers or rocks. The deepest part is about 30 inches deep and 36 inches wide by 4 plus feet long.

It has been nearly 8 years and I have thoroughly enjoyed our little puddle. We have a couple of big goldfish that are happy in there, I but a bubbler for them and made a rock shelf that they can hide under. The first fish we put in when the pond was new became dinner for raccoons. We live trapped those bandits and took them far, far away to a pretty creek out in the country.

Frog sunning on a rock
One year, grandson, Tad and I put guppies in the pond. They were very happy and had lots of babies. We had hundreds of guppies! We netted the prettiest ones out before winter and put them in an aquarium. We decided not to do it again because it was too painful knowing the ones we left outside would not make it through the winter.

This year I added water hyacinths. They have been very pretty especially when they bloom. I knew they would multiply like rabbits so I have a couple of old metal washtubs for the excess ones. I'll winter them over in the greenhouse and sell some and save some for me. Water Hyacinths are good for the compost too, so when I have my tubs full, I'll compost the rest. That's a real frog on the rock. The turtles are ornamental.

I don't have a water filter but the water stays clear and the fish are growing and seem healthy. The biggest problem we have is leaves in the fall. Bill has made a frame with screen wire in it. We are hoping it will keep out the leaves. We plan to put it over the pond soon because leaves are already dropping from our huge old oak trees. More pictures below:

I found this fish pot shelf that is perfect for my puddle! 

See how the Hycienths have multiplied. Coleus are happy too. 

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