September 14, 2018

I love Decorative Birdhouses

I collect birdhouses. They are all over the place in my yard. Sometimes birds actually build in them. 😏

Some of the houses are so old that I don't remember where I got them. Some have moved with me a couple of times and several were gifts from friends (like the blown glass one above, the butterfly one at left and the cute little house with the water faucet perch below.

Close up of the angel hanger on this one is shown below

The little copper house is showing it's age 
Wrens like this clay house. 
We moved it with us from Bill's house. 
It's the devil to clean out! It has no holes except the one on the front. 

I've had this one for years. I've moved it from 3 different homes.
Blue Birds have built in it before.

Speaking of Blue Birds, Bill made several bluebird houses this year and all but one had
more than one hatching of babies. 

If you are a fellow birdhouse collector, post your pictures in the comments below. 

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