June 1, 2018

Are You A Rock Hound?

Fossil Rock found on Sulfur Fork Creek, TN
 I am! I cannot go to the creek without bringing home a load of rocks. My Honda Civic thinks it's a pickup truck. I've hauled trunkfuls of stones in it. When I go in Bill's truck it's crazy what I can bring home. I came by it honestly, My dad traveled in his work for years and almost every week the trunk of his car would be full of rocks when he returned home.

I've recently promised myself not to rescue any more stones. But, needless to say, last weekend I went to the creek with grandson Tad to skip rocks. That boy can skip rocks farther than anyone I've ever seen! Anyway, I didn't need any rocks, told myself no more rocks. We were in the John Deer Gator, there was room in the bed, and of course, there were several lovely "flowerbed size" stones that called my name. I only got 4 big ones though, that's a record for me.

I am always repurposing rocks. I'll move them from one place to another, decide to get rid of them in one place and they end up in the "rock pile" way back in the backyard. One never knows when a good rock will come in handy.

My Little Goldfish Puddle
I cleaned out the little fish pond last week and I could not believe how many stones were in there! Of course, I used some of the pond rocks to make a border for the cleaned up pond. The goldfish are very happy now that they have more swimming room and a deeper puddle.  I even put a rock "cave"" in there for them to hide in.

The other rocks from my little puddle never made it to the rock pile. I decided the old wooden raised herb beds near the pond were in real need of updating. Replacing the sides with wood again seemed counter-productive so of course, the pond rocks were the answer. I worked all day, sometimes in the rain (yes, I'm crazy). I reduced the beds from four 4x4 foot beds to two 8x4 foot beds. I love how they turned out and no more rotten wood to contend with!  Bill sawed the old wood pieces into 15-inch lengths. We have enough wood for the chiminea to last all summer! Now if the grass seed I planted on the side will hurry and come up, it will be finished.
New Herb Beds

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