February 9, 2018

Look What the Hurricane Blew Into My Backyard

At first, I thought it was a Goldfinch that was getting it's summer plumage way too soon. After a closer look, I noticed the black pattern on its breast. Had to get my Birds of North America field guide to check this little birdie out. Turns out it is a Palm Warbler. This bird should not be here in winter. This species may breed here in summer but winters in the south.

My theory is the strong winds from all the southern hurricanes caused this one to flee north.

 I only have one bird in my yard but my mother saw a whole flock of warblers in her remote country yard. I've never seen them before eating from my feeders so I hope another one shows up or this little guy will not reproduce. It loves the mealworms and apple suet I put out for the Blue Birds.

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