February 16, 2018

I Just Thought All the Dog Hair Was a Problem

JoJo, our Lab mix dog, has become a house dog since his littermate, Annie, died. He refuses to go back into the heated dog house they shared for nine years. We have had some terribly cold weather this winter, so he has been indoors a lot. JoJo sheds constantly! I sweep up piles of dog hair every day. I'll be glad when spring comes for more than one reason.

There may be a redeeming quality to all this hair. I just read in one of my garden tip books that dog hair deters mice and other plant chewing critters in the garden, and it also adds nitrogen to the soil. Who knew?  I guess I'll be saving all that dog hair for the garden. Maybe I should offer it for sale this spring at Mimi's Greenhouse! 😉

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