December 8, 2017

Not Your Average Christmas Cactus!

Variegated  Christmas Cactus bloom
I've written about my Christmas Cactus several times - maybe because they are so easy to grow - they will even root in water! Schlumbergera bloom when most everything else is dormant or dead!

Today I want to show you some that are not the red with dark green foliage that you usually find for sale right now in the big box stores.  I will have the ones featured here and more for sale this spring at Mimi's Greenhouse. If you put them outside all summer and bring them in right before the first frost they will bloom from Thanksgiving until Christmas!

My absolute favorite is one that not only has variegated lime green/red foliage but the blooms are variegated too! Petals are hot pink tips with a pure white throat. It is the one featured at the top of this post.

Colorful foliage

Then there is Gold Charm. It's the one with golden flowers and dark green leaves. The shocking pink stamens add a touch of pizazz. I don't even remember where on the internet I got this one but it is a stunner planted in a hanging basket. I bring it into the dining room in November and it is lovely in the morning sun.

Gloden Blooms

Happy in this sunny spot

Another beautiful one has salmon pink flowers against the traditional dark green foliage. Those flowers are quite unusual. It was another internet purchase. To find my posts about Christmas Cactus use the search field on the sidebar on the right. 

Salmon flowers on Schlumbergeras

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