July 1, 2017

The Baby Wren Saga

  Late yesterday afternoon as I was leaving the greenhouse, I noticed a baby bird perched high on our electric wire that goes into our art studio. The studio has a metal roof and gutters so there was not much place for a fledgling to land. I figured it had fallen out of a nest that may have been in the tree that shades that area of our yard. It was grey and fuzzy. I didn't think it could fly and wasn't sure what kind of bird it was. It was chirping loudly for it's mama. 😟 Since it was too high for me to rescue (that's usually not a good idea anyway), I kept an eye out for mama. Soon a Wren came to the gutter just beneath the baby but I didn't see her feed it.

Bill and I kept watch on it all afternoon and it was still there when we went to bed. I said a little prayer for God to take care of it. Which reminds me of a prayer I learned as a child:

"God bless the beasts and flying birds
and all small things that have no words"

Anyway.. this morning when I got up it was not there. I was sad thinking a night creature might have gotten it.

But wait, what was that noise? Oh, yea of little faith!  Sure enough, it was that little critter chirping for mama! It was on our deck hidden in the rose vines! I quickly filled the worm feeder with meal worms so mama would have food for it close by. I even put a few in the ground feeder right in front of where baby was perched. At one point I accidently scared it and it flew across to a tree where we have a suet feeder. So it can fly if it has too but not far and not high.

I saw mama Wren feed it several times and as of this writing it is 2:00 PM and it is still chirping for food around our deck. It did make it back to it's safe place in the rose bush.

It's pouring down rain right now! Lighting and wind too! I do pray the baby finds a way to survive the storm!

Stay tuned ...the saga will continue. 

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