June 23, 2017

Keep the Deer From Eating Your Plants

This was posted on a forum that I belong to. I know it will work, deer hate smelly stuff - even strong scented soap bars will keep them away from your prized hosta.
WARNING: This stuff stinks to high-heavens!
The recipe I used is as follows: 1 egg, 5 garlic cloves (or five tablespoons of minced garlic) and 5 gallons of water.
Luckily I had everything with the exception of the 5 one gallon containers (which I just had to wait until I finished with my milk cartons and used them.)
To make this stuff, you crack open an egg and put it into one of the gallon containers.  Then fill the container with water. Divide the egg/water mixture equally into all the containers.  Once this is done, fill the containers full of fresh water and place one crushed clove of garlic (or tablespoon full each of minced garlic) in each container.  Let the containers set out for several days – in the sun light preferably. 
Once it has fermented (baked in the sun) its ready.  Pour in on and around your plants you don’t want deer or rabbits to eat. 
Good news – the smell will dissipate as it dries and then YOU won’t be able to smell it, but the deer and rabbits will! (If it rains, you will need to reapply – so I keep a couple gallons in waiting at all times)
The result?  No one is eating from my garden except me (The Little Red Hen)!

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