February 17, 2017

Flowers Outside in Winter

Although it has been unseasonably warm this year, I still didn't expect to find as many blooms in the shade garden as I actually saw. My Hellebores are always the first to bloom and usually in February. I can't see the flowers from the house so I decided to take a garden path walk the other day. I was so pleasantly surprised to find all three colors of Hellebore blooming as well as big fat buds on all my Camellias. Usually one or two of my Camellias refuse to bloom but this year I have buds on all of them. I'll post pictures of the blooms when they open in a few weeks. I tried an idea I saw somewhere about how to propagate Camellias by sticking a cutting right in the ground under the "mother" shrub. I did that last spring and so far it seems like 2 of the 4 cuttings I poked into the ground have survived! I'm leaving them there to get bigger before I dig and pot them. I'll for sure do more of them this year. The weird bloom at the bottom is a prickly shrub (Mahonia or Berberis) that I grew from a cutting. Our neighbor at a previous home had one and even though it is thorny, I love the early bloom and the purple berries that follow. The birds love those too.

Of course, the buttercups are beginning to poke up from their winter blanket of leaves and will be showing a little color soon.
Deep Pink Hellebore
White Hellebore

Mahonia or Berberis

Buttercup buds

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