January 13, 2017

My Rum Runner Tropical Hibiscus is Blooming!

So what's the big deal? Well for one thing it's January 3rd and it's supposed to snow tomorrow. The other is I rooted this one from the dieing mother plant and it took a year for it to root and it has been growing on my deck (and in the greenhouse in winter) for well over a year. I brought it into the house this year because I didn't have any room left in either greenhouse. There was no sign of a bud in October when I put it in front of the glass door in the dining room.

Day two
About a month ago, I noticed tiny buds on the tips of the branches. Today I was rewarded for my patience with this spectacular flower! There are more buds yet to open. The only downside to this beautiful plant is that the flowers only last one day outside but here in the house they can last a couple of days or more. The colors fade to pale after the first day. The pictures below was taken on day two.

6½ inches across

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