January 6, 2017

My Greenhouse in Winter

There is no better place to be than a greenhouse when it's cold outside. When I made these pictures Dec. 21st) it was actually warm for a Tennessee winter - 57° outside but look at the inside temp (the number on top) on the thermometer in my greenhouse. It might get down to 40° in there at night when outside temps are in the low 30's. That bottom number is the humidity reading.
Potting Bench

Below are some pictures of the plants growing happily in the  warm atmosphere. All are tropicals and annuals that I winter over inside. In March, I'll be out there nearly every day working with seedlings and potting up herb and perennial plugs to sell in May. Some days I'll wear short sleeves because it gets hot in there even with the vents open and fans on. The work area is in the back on the right. I have a big container of potting soil with a work bench over it and a stool nearby where I rarely sit...but just in case. :-)
View from the door

The greenhouse is not very big (18ft x 8ft) but it works for what I need and could afford. I have another one that is even smaller than that (6' x 8') and I use it strictly to winter over plants (mostly Banana Trees) and sometimes to keep veggie plants from getting frostbite in the spring when we have a late freeze after I open for sales. 

Mist System 
 over grow beds         
View from the potting bench

The Toad lives here but seems to be out looking for bugs right now
Little greenhouse - yes those Bananas will come back out in spring

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