January 20, 2017

Bird Feeder for the Ground Feeding Birds

I'm better at making "Honey Do" lists than almost anything else I do. Thank goodness Bill is good with a list! I wanted a feeder to put under my hanging feeder on the deck. I had noticed the Red Birds, Doves, and even a Blue Bird or two picking at the berries that fell from my Nut and Berry hanging feeder. I made a little sketch and showed Bill what I wanted. I wanted to put it into the top of a big flower pot that in the summer will have herbs in it. Right now it's empty - the perfect spot for my feeder. It sits right under the hanging feeder and the mealworm feeder so I now have a nice little "watch from the kitchen" feeding station in addition to the three hanging feeders in the backyard.

Ground Feeder for Birds
 Below are sketches that Bill drew (he's a better "sketcher" than I) and pictures of what the finished product looks like . You may want to build one for yourself. We used scrap pine wood but you can buy wood in several sizes at most big box hardware stores. The little brackets too. You will need 2 brackets and some vinyl window screening. Bill made mine to fit my pot but you can make it any size you like. 

Bill's sketch
As you can see, the birds are happy with their feeder.

Birds at the feeders

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