December 30, 2016

My Meyer Lemon Tree

Meyer Lemon Tree
A friend who moved here to Tennessee a few years ago gave me a Meyer Lemon tree that she bought here at Lowe's. She was hoping to grow lemons like she had in her yard in California. The tree did not do well in her sunroom. It got mealy bugs and was not happy. She gave it to me because I have a greenhouse and she knew I would be able to winter it over in our crazy Tennessee winter. That was early last spring. 

This summer it was full of blooms!
Home Grown Meyer Lemon
That little tree produced 8 lemons that I carefully guarded through the summer. It is Dec 27 as I write this post. So far I have harvested 2 of the big juicy lemons and have 6 more on the tree! Lemons ripened on the tree and picked fresh are a treat! So much better than the bagged ones at the grocery. Now I need to get one to Teala - I promised to share. 

If you decide to grow a Meyer Lemon remember that the best ones are grafted. A seedling grown from a Meyer Lemon seed is grafted into a regular lemon tree and after the graft is growing on its own, the rest of the stock tree is pruned away. I have a seed grown Meyer Lemon tree growing in a pot that I am watching to see if it will produce fruit. If it does I'll report that here. Below are little trees I grew from Meyer Lemon fruit I bought last year. In a few months I'll list these on EBay as trees to be grafted. 

Seed Grown Meyer Lemon Trees

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