December 23, 2016

Ginger Honey - a Healthy Sweetener

Fresh Ginger is a very healthy. It is especially good in the winter to keep our immune systems  working well. 

Ginger is a bit spicy hot and hard to chew when eaten right from the root. I concocted a good way to get my daily dose and enjoy it. I make Ginger Honey and use a big teaspoon (with a piece of the ginger included) in my first cup of tea in the morning. I also like to add lemon and orange slices to my cup. You can put ginger honey in coffee or blend it into your smoothie too. 

I leave the piece of ginger in there for my second cup also. Eventually it goes into the compost with my tea bags.

Here's how to make Ginger Honey: 
I peel fresh ginger root with a potato peeler and chop it into small pieces no bigger than half inch.  I grow my own ginger. Watch for a post next week about how to do that yourself. Store bought works just as well. 

Put the ginger pieces in a jar. I use a cute little jelly jar because it sits on the counter beside my teapot and of course, I want it pretty! Now fill the jar with Honey (I use organic clover honey). The longer it sits the better it is but it is ready to use immediately. 

As the honey gets low I add more. I keep doing this until I have used all the fresh ginger pieces. The honey acts as a preservative so it's safe on the counter. When all the ginger is gone, use the last of the honey that's left and start over. 

I made little jars of this for my sister-in-law and mom and tucked them into their Christmas boxes. I labeled them as you can see in the picture.

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