September 9, 2016


Oh, I know, we all rush out and purchase mums as soon as they are available in the fall. Some of us have them in our yard and spend half the summer pinching buds off so they will be full and pretty in October. Well there is a perennial that is so much easier to care for and it waits to bloom in late September with no help from humans at all! The lowly Aster! Asters come in deep blue (almost purple) pink and white double flowering varieties. This picture above is a seed mix from Mountain Valley Seed Company.  Here is a link to a good article all about them and how to grow and care for them too. Old Farmers Almanac  caring for Asters. The really good thing about Asters is you can plant them in the ground or even a big pot and they bloom without all that pinching and cutting back - one purchase and you are done for years!
Purple Dome Aster

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