July 1, 2016

It's Time to Propagate Most Perennials

Now is the time to take cuttings of those perennial shrubs you would like to multiply. Especially the big Mop Head and Lace-cap macrophylla Hydrangeas.  They are about finished with blooming and if you take cuttings now you will still have flowers next year. Wait till fall and there will be no blooms next spring. This shrub blooms on new wood and cutting them after the stem grows in summer you cut off the buds for next year's flowers.. It is safe to take hard wood and simi-soft wood cuttings of lots of shrubs in early summer to early fall. Remember to give most of them six weeks before frost is expected in your area if you are working without a greenhouse or cold frame.

For detailed instructions for growing new plants from cuttings and other methods of plant propagation see my Kindle book on Amazon "A Step by Step Guide to Plant Propagation". I'm going to publish it in paperback this fall but you can read a Kindle book without a Kindle by downloading the free App for your phone or computer.  Here's the link: Kindle App
Clematis "Dawn"

July is the time to propagate your Clematis too. See this blog post for a neat trick to do that. Clematis Propagation Blog

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