January 1, 2016


We have been enjoying fresh sprouts for years. We eat them in salad, as topping for soup, on sandwiches and whatever else I might think of when I'm poking around in the kitchen.

Long ago and far away I bought them at the grocery but several years ago, I discovered home sprouting kits. I'm on my second one - literally wore out the first one. It took me about 5 years and one bad fall off the counter to mess that one up.
The one I'm using now is pictured below. You can find them in any good kitchen store or online. I bought the latest one from www.wheatgrasskits.com.

The process is simple. I use about 1 tablespoon of seed in a little mason jar like the one pictures here (pint jar pictured for scale). I cover the seeds with water and soak overnight.

seeds sprouting
In the morning I rinse the seeds and spread them over the trays in my sprouter, pour about 1 cup of water over them and after they drain I set them on my kitchen counter under a florescent light. They will sprout just fine without the light. I water them twice a day - morning and evening until they are sprouted and about an inch tall. Then I put them in a container in my veggie drawer of the refrigerator. You may need to water them once in a while if you don't eat them soon. Sprouts are delicious as well as chock full of vitamins and good things for your health!
sprouts ready to eat

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