November 13, 2015

Golden Oregano November Plant of the Month

Golden Oregano  (Origanum vulgare 'Aureum’) is not only a good herb to cook with but it is a beautiful plant with many uses in the flower garden too. I often use it as a "spill over" plant for containers and hanging baskets. It's lovely lime green foliage is beautiful in contrast with red, purple or dark green plants and blooms. It is one of my best selling plants every spring at Mimi's Greenhouse.

It is useful in the kitchen too. Just like it's sister plant Origanum or what we know as Italian Oregano, it is good in any Italian dish, snipped fresh over a salad or pizza or dried for future use (see my post on dehydrator here)Golden Oregano has a slightly milder flavor than regular Oregano. I harvest it just before it blooms. This will cause the plant to fill out and produce more stems and leaves and I can continue to use it all summer. It is a tender evergreen plant in my zone 6 but it may die to the ground in colder climates. Add a little protection and it will come back up the following spring. It is not quiet as hardy as Official Oregano but well worth adding to your herb garden.  

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