September 25, 2015

Square Foot Gardening Part Two

We now have two raised beds finished, ( see my previous post about Raised beds) I still need to put soil in the second one. I wanted to plant some fall and winter crops in the first one so I went out this afternoon and made my squares.

I used the bailing twine left over from the straw bale garden that we are breaking down. As you can see from the picture, I stapled the twine to the sides for a permanent grid. I actually used a piece of twine to measure with too. I tied a knot 12 inches from the end and measured as I went along. This was much faster than carrying the measuring tape all around the bed.

I planted my squares and labeled them. As you can see, I planted things that will be happy growing as the weather turns cooler later this month (September). The Garlic will be left to harvest next year so it got fancy signage. :-)

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