July 10, 2015

My Mother in Law's Tongue is Blooming!

My Grandmother died 60 year ago. She had a little pot of 

Mother in Law's Tongue  (S. trifasciata laurentii).  It had grown in a tiny little ceramic parrot on her window sill for as long as I was alive. I was 10 when she died. My dad was an only child so my mom kept the little parrot and plant. I don't remember at what point we took it out of that parrot and divided it but I was grown and married. Inside that little pot was a gazillion tiny sprouts! I potted mine in a bigger pot and it soon filled that one up. Over 10 years ago I put it in the container pictured here along with a plant from my Daddy's funeral, another plant that a friend from work gave me and Ivy and Christmas Cactus that I already had here. Last year I took the over-grown Mother in Law plant out and divided it again. This year it bloomed! I think the dividing forced it to bloom. I don't think I ever saw it bloom before. I do move it outside to my deck every year when the weather warms enough and that probably helped too. 

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