January 2, 2015


Do you get blue during the gray winter days like I do? One thing that cheers me up is having blooming house plants to look at. I even have a few winter bloomers outside too. 

baby African Violets
Pictured here are a few of my favorite house plants that bloom merrily in my windows all winter. Most are easy to care for. Some of these are actually growing in water and I will plant them in pots and move them outside when spring comes .

The stars of my window sill are the African Violets. I have an east facing window in the kitchen and
violets are very happy there. I have so many of them that they won't all fit in the window so I put some in our sunny studio window and switch them out as they bloom. Violets are so easy to propagate by putting a stem (leaf not bloom) into water and waiting - a baby plant will form on the bottom. Pot it up when it has several tiny leaves. The ones above are ready to pot.

Blue African Violet
Big Blue Violet

Tradescantia pallida (Purple Queen)
Some of my favorite outside plants are happy growing in water in the house. I root them over winter and plant them back outside when the weather warms. The Purple Queen above and the Coleus below are two of those. Coleus don't usually bloom inside but I love their colorful leaves.
Colus "Inky Fingers"

Rex Begonia 
This big Rex Begonia has small pink flowers but the leaves are it's crowing glory! They are a good sin inches across.

Sedum are great in the house, they don't care if you water them or not. Give them a bright window and they will be happy. These also stay outside in summer - a sunny spot. 

Sedum and Aloe plant
These are a few of the plants I have inside. I also winter over hanging baskets of Airplane plants and orchids (that are not blooming right now) in the studio and a few other things too. What are your favorite house plants?

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