December 22, 2014

MY CHRISTMAS CACTUS - Schlumbergeras - How to have blooms from Thanksgiving til Christmas!

I have pink and red flowering Schlumbergeras. I grown them in pots and put them outside as soon as the spring weather is stable here in Tennessee. I bring them into the house (or greenhouse)  before the first frost. Up until this year, they have bloomed at Thanksgiving rather than Christmas. This year brought my big pink one into the house and put the smaller ones in the greenhouse. The pink one bloomed at Thanksgiving as usual but the ones in the greenhouse are blooming for Christmas this year! 

Christmas Cactus Red Flowers
So now I know how to have flowers from Thanksgiving through Christmas. If you don't have a greenhouse a cool basement or garage will work too. Check them and when they have big fat buds like the one here bring them into the house. These are really not cactus so do give them a drink more often than you would a cactus. As the blooms fade, carefully pinch them off so your plant stays pretty and fresh. When its done blooming put it somewhere near a window or other light source and take it back outside in spring (semi-shaded location) until fall. 

I had several in small pots that I started in spring from leaves, I brought them in and tucked the pots in container gardens that I was wintering over in the house. I loved they way they set off my Angel Wing Begonia!
Potted Cactus in container garden
Christmas Cactus Pink Blooms

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