December 26, 2014


It as too cold for the greenhouse this morning so I spent a while on Twitter, Google and elsewhere to find garden blogs that I thought I might want to share. I struck gold! Below are some of the best ones I found:

This first one is a great gift idea but I want to make one so I can have Basil in the windowsill all winter!  Mason Jar Herb Garden

This nice bit of advice came from Twitter. You might want to follow @DailyHealthTips to read more.

Dotty Plants Greenhouse Journal and Secrets of a Seedscattererare both the property of Jean Campbell from Kansas. Both blogs are worth checking out.

Gardening know How is a very informative site with lots of tips and helpful articles. 

You might want to follow Herb Garden News @mituho_967 for good gardening advice.
Comment here to post a link to your blog or one of your favorite sites.

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