January 24, 2014

Must Have Herbs

I bet you have been perusing those seed and plant catalogs like I have. Will spring ever get here? Well, we know it will and we will be out in the garden again, This post is about my "must have" list for the herb garden, Below are listed the culinary herbs that I would not want to be without. All but the Basil are perennial in my zone 6B garden. If I can ever get my shopping cart installed, these will be for sale on my website http://www.mimisgreenhouse.com/plants-available-for-sale/
Greek and Hot & Spicy Oregano
A must have for Italian dishes 
Hot and Spicy is exactly that - A kick of spice!  
Perennial Herb Zones 4-9
Full Sun  Part Shade

height 12-24 inches 

Sweet Basil
Asian or Italian dishes
Annual Herb Zones 3-10
Full Sun Part Shade
height 4-30 inches

Garlic Chives
Delicate garlic flavor
Perennial Herb Zones 4-8
White star shaped flowers
Full Sun Part shade

height 2 ft X 2 ft

Chocolate, Grapefruit, Lemon, Moroccan 
Perennial herb Zones 5-9
6 inches - 2 ft tall
Full sun  Shade

Rosemary Salem and ARP
flavor fish, chicken, pork, beans
One of the herbs I would never be without
Perennial Herb Zones 8-10
Full Sun Part Shade
Shrub 3 to 6 ft. 

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