December 27, 2013

Quick Pizza Recipe

Are you ready for something besides Christmas leftovers? This is a dressed up frozen pizza. Wait before you turn me off! My two grown sons would never eat frozen pizza until I sneaked this one in on them. It's really good - I promise.

I'm writing this in the middle of winter when fresh herbs are hard to find here in the mid-south. You may have to buy fresh ones at the grocery but dried ones work well too.

Here's all I do to make a quick, cheap pizza that tastes like gourmet:

Fresh Herbs
*One frozen pizza - flavor is up to you. I used a store brand 3 cheese because Bill's heart diet does not allow the sausages
*Fresh, frozen or dried Oregano, fennel, basil, chives,parsley and thyme - all chopped. A little extra garlic powder or better still - fresh garlic chopped.
*Extra graded Romano cheese and extra Mozzarella shredded.

Add the extra cheeses -we like ours REAL cheesy! Sprinkle the herbs on top and bake. I find it takes at least 15 minutes longer than the instructions on the box. Take it out when it is brown and bubbly like the one at the top of the page. Below is what it looks like when it is ready to go into oven.
Pizza ready to bake

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