November 1, 2013

Sheffield Daisies - An Alternative to Chrysanthemums

These pretty flowers have been growing in my shady back yard for several years. I got them at a plant swap and had forgotten what they were. They grow bigger each year but not to the point of being invasive. I looked them up and found they are Sheffield Daisies.  Here is what Ellen Barcel says about them: "Sheffield daisies aren't really daisies at all, but a variety of chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum koreanum. Their delicate pink color really stands out against the more vibrant colors usually associated with autumn. Hardy as far north as zone 5, they are perennials which will come back year after year. They make beautiful cut flowers and are attractive to bees and butterflies. Like Montauk daisies, they tend to be deer resistant. And, yes, they like full sun."

As I mentioned above, mine are happy in mostly shade, They get about 4 hours of sun in the summer. The picture at left was made at 10 AM on October 21. You can see they are still in part shade, I do absolutely nothing to them all year - not even fertilizer.  I plan to root some in my greenhouse this winter. I'll post how that works in the spring. Maybe if I ever get my web site up to sell plants, you can buy some from me.

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