October 11, 2013

Benefits of the Backyard nursery

This is my friend Lisa in front of one of her flower beds. She showed up one day in my backyard - literally! I can't remember if it was early this spring or last when Lisa followed the signs to one of my plant sale days. We hit it off right away and spent a lot of time talking plants and gardens. On another sale day, she came at a time when no one else was there and we sat on my porch swing and discussed all sorts of things for over two hours! One of the things on her wish list was a Blue Sky Vine -I didn't have one and had no idea what one was. When she described it to me, of course I wanted one too.

Blue Sky Vine
Low and behold, my phone rang a few weeks ago and Lisa had found a Blue Sky vine! She invited me over to see it and get a cutting. I was thrilled! Not one to go empty handed, I took her one of my Peggy Martin Rose bushes that I knew she had wanted but I had sold out of this spring.

Oh My Goodness! I just thought I had a lot of plants! She will never get all the plants in the ground that she has every where in pots. Pot on the patio, pots in the driveway, pots in the yard! Blue pots, clay pots, decorative pots and nursery pots! I loved the beautiful chaos!

We even walked across the street to her neighbor's to look at a mystery plant that my Back Yard Nursery Forum buddies later identified as a Butterfly Bush Buddleja lindleyana . It looks more like a wisteria than a buddllea. I want one of those too! 

In addition to the blue sky vines, I brought home cuttings of Allamanda vine - they have already rooted and are potted up into gallons, seeds from a cool night blooming plant, lots more stuff! The people I meet in my own backyard are the best thing about my little nursery business! 


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  2. Janice, I would love to visit one of your nurseries in Florida. Maybe next time we go to the beach we will plan a side trip.