September 6, 2013

My Newest Favorite Gardening Book

David Culp has been lecturing, writing and speaking about gardening for at least 15 years. I first heard about David from his sister who worked with me at Nashville Wraps. I saw him on a Martha Steward TV show and I fell in love with Hellebores because of David. He is famous for his Brandywine Hybrid strain of Hellebores. The one in this picture blooms in my shade garden every February. I was fortunate enough to meet David a couple of years ago when he came to Nashville to visit his family. He is as personable as he is knowledgeable.

David has written a new book called The Layered Garden.
It is all about how to have color, texture,
blooms and more in all seasons of the year. I am using it as a reference for a new section of sunny garden in my own yard. I highly recommend this book for gardeners experienced or not. It is full of helpful information and David's fun personality comes through in his stories of growing up with gardening grandmas and mother who gave him the freedom to play in the dirt! It is beautifully photographed by Rob Cardillo - truly a feast for the eyes as you can see from this picture of the inside of my book.

David's web site is you can purchase the book there. I promise The Layered Garden will become one of your favorite reference books! It would be a much appreciated gift for any gardener on your list too.


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