September 20, 2013

Gardeners on a Mission

The cabin at Coldstream Christian Camp
I've written before about my "Thursday Girls" who meet at my house for fun, fellowship and support.. Well, last week we went on a mission trip together. A gardening mission trip! I bet you think of going to Africa to save souls when you think of missions. That is not always the case. God can and does use all our gifts to help others.

My long time friends Jo and Linda Goodman from Adams, TN, donated their farm years ago for a Christian Camp so kids who normally could not attend camp could come and enjoy the camp experience. They called it Coldstream Christian Camp because the wonderful big spring that rushes out of a stone bluff near the center of the property. The camp has evolved over the years to include many other aspects of "outdoor and nature retreat" ministry. Rowena's cabin there is one of my favorite places for a personal retreat. It is close to home, quiet and beautiful. The perfect place to get away, regroup and refresh!

For a year or so, I've wanted to landscape the front yard of the cabin. It is on a hillside, water rushes through it down to the lake when it rains and the deer in the woods are frequent visitors too. Grass refuses to grow there (too shady) so it was a challenge. I had lots of nice Purple Winter Creeper here in my little Back Yard Nursery  so Jo and Linda gave me permission to come plant it in the yard. I figured it was the perfect opportunity for my "girls" to dig in the dirt and have a weekend away too.

Shirley, Kay, Me, Cyndi (baby of the group!)
Turns out the young ladies in our group couldn't make it so the four "mature" girls went and got it all done in record time!

We planted the whole yard with Winter Creeper, added a couple of Gold Mound Spirea and two Dark Knight Bluebeard shrubs near the porch and I planted a Graziella Miscanthus by the road. We are going to come back in the spring and finish the little porch garden. We had time left over to eat the yummy lasagna that Cyndi made, drink lots of tea and coffee and have lots of "girl talk". Everyone but me was going to attend Sunday School Sunday morning so they left me alone Saturday night and I had a wonderful night and early morning - just me and God on the big deck overlooking the lake- Bliss!!

If you would like to take a retreat at Coldstream yourself or help them out financially or otherwise, there are ample opportunities to do both. Check out all the things going on there including the Potter's House, a great facility for a large group retreat. 

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