May 24, 2013

Make your own Croutons

Home made croutons

Why spend two or three dollars a box for dry tasteless croutons when you can make your own from left over bread. I save the end pieces and any left over bread and make croutons with my dried herbs (or Italian spice mix) and olive oil spray - real simple and quick!
Seasoning ingredients

Start with the bread and use kitchen scissors to cut it into small squares,

bread ready to cube
cubed and ready to bake

Now spray the pieces with olive oil spray. Spray is cheaper and easier than pouring messy olive oil all over the place. I use my fresh dried oregano and basil plus garlic salt but Italian spice mix will work too. I use it generously! Toss to coat well and pop into a 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes. Stir the croutons about half way through.They should be golden brown and crispy when done.  Let cool before storing in a baggie or tin. Enjoy!

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