April 12, 2013

Attracting Toads to your Garden

Many of my friends have an aversion to frogs and toads. They obviously don't understand the beneficial aspects of these lowly critters. Last week my grandson Tad found a toad near the pond still groggy from his (or her) winter hibernation. It sat in his little hand for quite some time before hopping to a rock to warm some more. He loves to sit and watch the frogs jump into the little pond and sun themselves on the mossy stones. He is eight years old now and understands the difference between toads and frogs. He knows that the toads eat lots of bugs that otherwise could harm our plants and mosquitoes that might harm us!

He made a toad house for this one on the pond bank near the edge of the water. Later that day we saw Mr Toad sitting happily in his little nook. Tad was thrilled! He also put a decoy "froggy" to attract more. Looks like that worked - check out all the frogs I found this morning near his concrete frog!.   Follow the link below to find ways to attract toads to your garden.

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