March 29, 2013

Solve Your Bug Problems withThese Tips

Squash Borer - Gross! 

Last year the squash borers got my squash and the squash bugs got what the borers left! I found the perfect solution in daddy's notes. He said, "Plant radishes with cukes, melons and squash. Mennonites said this would work for borers and bug problems. I did it and had no bug problems! Radishes & Marigolds work wonders for bug's." I'm for sure going to try this this spring.

Dad always tested the germination rate of his seeds. To be sure the seeds were good he would wet paper towels, place a few seeds (be sure to label what they are) on a towel, fold it over the seeds and place in a baggie. Check them in a few days to see if tiny shoots are coming out. If so, you know your seeds are viable. If no sprouts in a week or so buy new seed. Better than planting a garden with seeds that will not germinate.

About Turnips: Papa said Sept 15 was perfect time to plant them in our zone 6B. No bugs by planting them this late. He had best success by planting in rows rather than beds. First harvest was Oct 15. Need to thin the plants and eat the greens in order to get nice turnips later in season.  Harvested good turnips in December and still had turnips to eat after a hard freeze took out the green tops. Roots stayed good in ground even after hard freeze.
rooting in water

My grandma always started her sweet potatoes in the kitchen a month or so before the first of May. They will form roots in water and all you need to do is cut out the plants (each potato will produce several vines) and plant them in your garden. Be sure to till the soil until it is loose and fluffy. I've grown pretty good potatoes by continuing to pile on straw as the vines grow bigger, All I needed to do to harvest was remove the straw!

sweet potato in water

 Next week: The Best Gardening Advice Daddy Ever Gave Me!

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