December 7, 2012


So what the heck is Zentangle and what does it have to do with gardening? Well, it's my latest way to keep from going stir crazy while I am trapped in the house because of the cold! When I don't have many gardening chores to keep me busy, I spend time in the art studio doing lots of crafty things.
I discovered Zentangle a few weeks ago at my church's silent auction. A Zentangle teacher had donated some Christmas ornaments made with the technique and I was intrigued. My friend explained that it is a form of organized doodling! I did some research on the Internet and I am hooked! The one above is my first try. I did it on watercolor paper because it's what I had on hand. I plan to make some polymer clay blanks and make earrings and necklaces using this art form.
It is very easy, relaxing and addictive! If you want to try it yourself here are a few websites worth looking into.  and

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