November 2, 2012

Growing Your Own Garlic

I've tried a couple of times to grow my own garlic. I've not been very successful. Either the bulbs came up and died or I got leaves but no bulb. This morning I was reading one of my favorite garden blogs Low and behold the post was about growing your own garlic. I discovered that my mistake was probably using bulbs I had purchased at the food store. Here's my puny attempt for this year!

Being the type of person who sees no need in duplicating an effort if not necessary (translate that as lazy) I thought I would give you the link to Garden Therapy's post and you can learn for yourself!

Now I'm on a quest for garlic seed blubs. The link on Garden Therapy site is all sold out for 2012!


  1. i broke down and bought mine through Burpee. two years in a row. also i read an old wives tale to plant on the shortest day of the year and harvest on the longest. last season my growing garlic finally worked. ~laurie

  2. Forgive me if this posts twice.

    Thanks peppysis for these tips. I'll check out Burpee's site since it looks like I still have time to plant.