November 9, 2012

Cheap and Easy Giftwrap Trick

Did you ever get a special gift all wrapped up only to discover that you didn't have a ribbon or bow to match? That happened to me recently. To make things worse the gift was for my brother, the owner of Nashville Wraps, the biggest wholesaler of packaging products in the US! This gift had to look good!

Of course, I had waited till the last minute to wrap my gift - procrastinating runs in our family. LOL! Thank goodness I remembered that gift wrap paper will curl if you cut it into strips. I took the scraps that were left from wrapping my box and used my decorative edge scrapbooking scissors to cut it into 1/2 inch strips. You can use plain scissors if you want - I just wanted to impress my brother. :-)

Now I took the edge of my regular scissors and gently pulled them down the strips the same way you would curl curling ribbon. Now I stapled them together in the center. I added raffia to mine but plain paper is cute too. All I had to do now was tape it to the gift. I think it turned out great! Watch for my blog post on Nashville Wraps' blog site with even more details. Here is a link to another cute trick I posted there.

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