October 26, 2012

Raised Herb Beds Update

The first season for my raised beds of herbs is almost done. The oak leaves are falling and will soon cover the beds with a warm blanket for winter protection.I wanted to give you an update on how the plants did and what I've learned.

I wanted these beds to be as maintenance free as possible. I only watered them once or twice all summer and we had some severe heat and dry weeks. I think the compost helped keep moisture in the beds. I also did not add any additional fertilizer - again the compost was all the plants needed. Herbs don't need much fertilizer anyway and they like dry and well drained.

Oregano growing under Lavender
The Oregano is the happiest plant in the gardens. It has almost covered the bed where I planted it under Spanish and Goodwin Creek Lavenders. I have dried lots of oregano and will use it in the gift baskets that I make for family and friends at Christmas. I'll post the pretty packaging I make when it is done, Maybe give you a printable label you can use yourself.

Coleus Suprise
I was happy with my little sage plant's progress too and I had this little surprise come up in one of my beds. I'm sure the seeds for this coleus were in my compost.
Some of the lavender plants have done well and some not. the Provence all died. Goodwin Creek is happy and Serenity too. The Spanish lavender is very healthy and full but I will be pleasantly surprised if it survives our winter temps.
Goodwin Creek

Spanish lavender growing around Goodwin Creek
The Thymes are holding their own. Honestly, the thyme I planted in large pots seem to do better than ones I planted in the ground. Elven and Wooly thyme are growing well but they are more ornamantal than culinary. I do like them in my rock gardens and they have added interest to my raised beds. I planted Purple Sage late in the season and it is doing well considering the short time it has been in the ground. It should make quite a show next year. To see how I started these beds see my post titled Raised Herb Beds Part 1  and Raised Beds Part 2. Are you growing any thing in raised beds? Post a comment and tell us about it.  




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