September 7, 2012

Triple Olive Spread Recipe

Several years ago we had a friend who was a wonderful professional chef. He cooked for us more than once. One of my favorite things that he created was what he called an olive salad. For years I have tried with no success to duplicate it. He moved away and we lost contact with him or I would have asked for the recipe.

To make a long story short, I finally got it right! I want to share this yummy concoction with you. It is what we here in the south would call "dead dog easy" Lord, I have no idea where that one came from or even how it originated but I've heard it all my life to describe something totally simple to do.

Here's what you will need:
A colander and a blender - food processor doesn't work (trust me ...I tried it first - big mess!)
1 jar Pimiento sliced Manzanilla olives drained
1 jar pitted Kalamata olives  drained
1 jar pitted extra large ripe olives
2 or 3 fresh Garlic cloves
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This recipe makes almost a quart of salad. It will keep in refrigerator for several weeks.

Drain the olives and add to the blender along with the garlic cloves. drizzle about 2 tablespoons of olive oil onto the mix. Pulse untill the mix looks like this. Add more olive oil if too dry. Serve with crackers or try it on a club sandwish or salad. See my girlfriends from church enjoying it and other goodies at my house.

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