March 9, 2012

Keep the Unwanted Animals Away

Dogs again! I just know one day I will look back on all this puppy stuff and be able to laugh. Right now it's not so funny when these guys chew on my plants, their dog house, my garden ornaments, flower pots and whatever else they come across.

I tried all the commercial repellents - a few worked but needed to reapply daily. I decided to mix up a potion of my own. I got a spray bottle, a strainer, cheese cloth and every hot pepper (whole and ground as well as seeds) that I had in the kitchen.

I covered the peppers with hot water and let them soak overnight. Next I strained this mixture through several layers of cheese cloth and a fine sieve. WEAR RUBBER GLOVES FOR THIS AND DO NOT GET IT INTO YOUR EYES! When I had as much sediment and pepper seeds as possible out of the mixture, I poured it into  a spray bottle and sprayed everything I did not want the dogs to chew on or even get close to. They took one sniff and backed away. The smell stayed for several days and even after a hard rain, they were not  interested any more!

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