February 17, 2012

Winter Blooming Flowers

When the weather is cold and the skies are gloomy, it's a real treat to find blooms in the garden. I have several plants that bloom happily in the freezing weather. I live in plant hardiness zone 6a according to the new US map. As you can see, my winter hardy Camellia happy in it's protected spot near the central  heat & air unit. It's cousins are budded up and ready to bloom in a another month. They are not as protected but still manage to have a few blooms each year.

Of course the Hellebore is getting ready for it's winter show and under the leaves are bunches of babies too. I have Pansies in full bloom in my kitchen window box. They have brightened the view from inside all winter.

I found this lovely mound of moss behind my neighbor's barn when I went over to feed his cat. He and his wife abandoned the cold to sit on the beach for a few weeks - coward! Oh well, He is missing the pretty winter flowers! Maybe he will read my blog while he is sitting in the sun sipping a margarita.


  1. I am in 7b so a little ahead of you. I have had hellebore blooms for a few weeks now...aren't they awesome!? Love your camellia. Mine blooms in Nov. What variety do you have?

  2. The red one is April Tryst. I have no idea what the others are. One has a big red & white bloom that I bought because it was just like the one my Mom brought with us when we moved from FL to AL. She kept it in our wash room that first winter and it bloomed it's heart out inside!
    I wonder if I could bring Hellebore blooms inside as cut flowers. Anyone out there know?

  3. about hellebore blooms...I think they have to be treated special to bring in as cut flowers...do some research. I can tell you I've cut a few and they drooped miserably in no time and looked sick.

  4. Good reason to leave them in the garden I guess. I just found one blooming that I didn't know I had. A white with burgundy tips. Big stalk of blooms. I think I got it at a plant swap and didn't know what it was. The foliage is different from the others I have.