January 24, 2012

Brighten Up a Winter Day with a Dish Garden

I don't have much room inside for indoor plants. My one sunny window is full of African Violets but  I couldn't resist making a spot for this cute little dish garden I created with the leaves of a few succulents from my yard.

This big pot of Echeveria grows happily outside in the summer and winters over inside in my sunny studio window. It sometimes drops leaves when I water it and I know how easy these leaves are to propagate new babies. I used these leaves to make my little garden from two clay pot saucers. a little ceramic frog and a few pretty stones. Because they don't get the intense sun from my window that they have outside, they take on a leggy look and are much smaller than the mother plant. I love the way they add interest to my window seal garden and I like the little "tree" effect.

The Hyacinth pot could be classified as a dish garden too with it's pretty moss and two little blooming plants. I purchased it at my local Kroger store and will plant out the bulbs after they finish blooming. 


  1. The dish gardens are wonderful, as are your African violets, a joy in a window.

    I plant my own hyacinth pots, chilling the bulbs for several weeks.

  2. NellJean, I visited your blog. Your hyacinth pots are beautiful - so is your greenhouse. Mine is strictly for propagation so it is rather messy compared to yours.